The TT is upon us!  And before eagle-eyed readers of this blog get in touch, the combination speeding through Ramsey (above) is not from this year.  Similar scenes took place yesterday evening with local team the Crowe brothers emulating their Dad and winning in spectacular style.

I've never understood why the acrobatic member of the combination is called the passenger.  It seems to me that he or she does most of the work.

In a very real sense the Isle of Man's year revolves around TT.  Supplying books to our customers on the island we frequently hear 'we need to get stocks in before TT', or, occasionally (and sadly), 'we won't need the books until after TT'.  Delivering during racing week (this week!) is almost impossible due to road closures, and many businesses, like delivery firms, just shut for the week.  We don't have their excuse!

Scheduling deliveries of supplies from across (i.e. the UK) is also interesting.  Senior race day - it's the most important day of the festival - used to happen on Friday (it's now on Saturday).  One UK firm couldn't understand why they couldn't deliver on senior race day.  I explained that it's the TT and a local bank holiday.  'But you'll still be working?'  'Yes, but you won't be able to get to us.'  'Why not?'  'Because the road is closed.'  'For roadworks you mean?'  ' they will be racing along it.'  'Well, we'll go round.'  'You won't be able to, there's no suitable road.'  'There must be!'  'There isn't.'  Eventually I sent him a photograph of what would be happening along the road he wanted his truck to use.  He still didn't quite believe it.

As they say in the Netherlands:  'sidecar riding is motorbike riding for advanced riders.'


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