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  There's no arguing with the sea.   Until storm Barra came to call, this wall surrounded the sunken garden in Douglas, the Isle of Man's capital.  Now it is an embryo rockery in the garden.  The sea should stay about fifteen feet to the right of this photograph.  It didn't.  The wall is, or rather was, a solid one and had stood firm for many decades, but it succumbed to the battering of hundreds of tons of water.  I feel rather sorry for the Douglas Corporation gardeners who lovingly tended the sunken gardens over the years and had made them a colourful haven of peace in a busy area of Douglas. Loaghtan Books, twenty miles north of Douglas, was mostly sheltered from storm Barra, although we did lose some tiles off the roof.  Deliveries were interrupted though.  Local deliveries were difficult due to flooding and/or trees down, overseas deliveries were impossible as post planes/boats were cancelled.  Sorry about that - normal service has now been resumed. Why is it that peo