Spring finally seems to have arrived, even though the sun has forgotten how to be warm.  With the spring has come some unusual visitors to the area around the Loaghtan Books office.

Many of you know that the Isle of Man is home to a troop of wild wallabies, descendants of escapees from the Curragh Wildlife Park (our 'zoo').  The Wildlife Park is in the north west of the island, so most of the mob remain roughly in that area.

Numbers have been growing of late, however, and some of these antipodean refugees have been venturing further afield.  Loaghtan Books is in the north east of the island and last year we saw the first signs of wallaby incursion.  The senior partner almost ran into one as he was walking up Dreemskerry Hill.  I'm not sure which was more startled.

Incidentally, the collective noun for wallabies is a troop, mob or court.  Which you use obviously depends on what mood they're in.


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