There aren't many offices where car rallys regularly run past the front door.  The vehicles are usually too fast (and too close) to photograph well, though, hence the stamp.

I can understand why rally drivers like the area.  There are loads of small, twisty, steep roads to challenge even the best drivers.  Many end up in the neighbouring fields, presumably unintentionally.  If they're very unlucky they arrive in the field upside down.

Sometimes 'our' road is closed, so we have to arrange access to the premises to avoid the closure.  Manx delivery drivers are quite used to organising their route to avoid sporting events.

Sometimes, however, the road is still open.  Postal vans arrive, staff turn up, and tourists come to observe.  Rally drivers have to be aware of (and avoid) other road users including camper vans, pedestrians - we have no pavement - horses, chickens (feral), hares and the occasional wallaby.

It couldn't happen anywhere else.


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