As we publish Brian King's book The Wreck of the Racehorse, we were invited to attend the ceremony to unveil a plaque marking 200 years since the boat sank.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather.  It was very cold - hey, it's December - but not raining or windy.  Gorgeous day.

Racehorse, as many of you know, was one of the two wrecks - the other one was of Vigilant, which Racehorse was supposed to be escorting home - which prompted William Hillary to found the RNLI.

The plaque was unveiled, as it says, by the Isle of Man's Lieutenant Governor, Sir John Lorimer.  Sir John represents the Lord of Mann on the island:  the Lord of Mann is better known elsewhere as King Charles III.

What is particularly nice about this photograph is that the gentleman reflected so prominently on the left is Sir John.  Having done his unveiling he stopped to chat.

(Am I allowed to say here that, according to the Admiralty, Racehorse was a sloop not a brig?  Yes, I think I am...)


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