Working late one evening last week I noticed this wind dog out of the office window.  It was all the more amazing as it must have been ten o'clock at night.  

Wind dogs are incomplete rainbows and some think they presage stormy weather.  This one didn't though.  While the weather on the island has been nowhere near as hot as in many places of Britain, it's certainly been much hotter and dryer than normal.

The headland is Maughold Head, and the small white building on the far left used to be the accommodation for the lighthouse keepers.  Maughold lighthouse is half-way down the cliff beyond the white building.  It's low down so that its light shines beneath the sea fogs for which Maughold is noted.

P.S.  Wind dog is also a nickname for the Saluki, the second fastest breed of dog after the greyhound.


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