No photograph this time.  I did try, but at best it was a colourful blur.

We have house martins nesting on the building (office martins?), and trying to take a decent photograph of small black and white feathery missiles proved impossible.  They're fast.

I wonder whether the nest is just for practice though - or a decoy - as they've been faddling about for a couple of weeks now, and have only managed a small ledge so far.  I'd have thought they'd have got on with it more quickly.  Perhaps they're upset that they have no neighbours, as house martins like to nest in colonies.  Or perhaps, as the building was repainted last year, they don't like the smell.

As it is, about a dozen of them are whizzing around emptying the sky of insects.  They're surprisingly tolerant of humans too, zooming past mere feet away intent on catching lunch.


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