Over the last couple of years, with Covid keeping visitors away and affecting trade, we have, sadly, lost a few customers as they decided the struggle to make a living in a hostile environment wasn't worth the effort any more.  It's therefore good when we get a new customer who likes our books and wants to stock them.  The most recent is The Little Shed.

For those off island, The Shed is the cafe at the end of Laxey promenade, which has been so phenomenally successful they've taken over the cafe at Dhoon Glen tram station, and thereby become a chain.  Anyone who can open in November during a pandemic and still be successful must be doing something right.  The Little Shed is the Dhoon Glen branch, and they now sell our books.

The photo shows our delivery vehicle, as well as the cafe (the white building) and passenger shelter (the brown one).  Bev and her team have done a huge amount of work to turn a tired cafe into something really sparkling.  We're trying to get them to expand further (Ramsey?  Douglas??  Glen Mona???) as their snack food is delicious and they serve some of the best coffee on the island... 


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